Mister Emery BaRu by Cindy Thomas / Mommie

Mister BaRu,

I have always loved you… Not only me but our whole family, Gretel, Muggy, BellBell, Lyric, Beatrix, Tiffany, and my Vernie. We will never forget you for what you brought to our family when our Emily died. You did your best. And I will always remember that you loved to pee all over the place, even when you had no pee. And you loved to bark at everything. And to protect us all. You were the first male dog I ever had, and I appreciate your maleness, and your devotion. May I see you on the other side. Always your name came from your bark, BaRu. I love you……………………………….


All My Love,
Mister Emery BaRu
20, Jan 2006
Cindy Thomas