Misty by Fiona / Fiona

My brother and I begged for a family pet when we were younger and our wish was finally granted when I turned twelve. To our horror, our parents took us to the RSPCA and told us to take our pick. (We were not impressed with the selection!)We were inspecting several sedated looking moggies when a cat jumped onto my dad with an angry howl. She was a skinny tabby white and it seemed that she had decided on us as her new owners. We named her Misty.

At home we would try to pet her and be rewarded with scratches, bites and growls. She was one ungrateful cat! She became accustomed to us as her new pets, but she would always come
to sleep next to me at night.

When our beloved dog died, the family looked on with disdain at this scruffy cat…however as she got older, we came to love her just the same. A few months ago Misty got cancer on her nose and it gradually got worse. Last night she was sneezing and rubbing it so much that my parents announced that the time had come for us to put her down.

They are at the vet now. We weren’t sure about Misty when we first brought her home, but now I don’t know what life will be like without her.


We will miss you,