Misty by Suzanne Schultz / Your human sister Suzanne

Misty came into my life when I was about 10. She was only six weeks old when Mom got her. It was winter time so Mom put Misty in the hall way with a space hearter. When my sister Sandy and I got off the bus that day all we could think of was playing with Misty. When we opened the front door there lay Misty with the cord to the space heater in her mouth. I ran to pick her up but Sandy pushed me out of the way so she could unplug the cord. Misty showed no sign of life. She had been electrocuted. Our Mom rushed home from work and
rushed Misty to the vets.

The vet told us she would not live and that we should say our goodbyes. But Misty proved him wrong. She not only lived she became famous. She became the poster dog for “Do Not Let This Happen To Your Puppy.” Misty lived for 13 long years. True she had only half of her face. The left side of her face was gone along with most of her teeth. Her tounge was just a small little ball. But she could eat like no ones business. Every christmas she got a can of pringles chips and a RC cola. But her favorite was to chew on a brick. She died on a cool summer day while sleeping in the sun. Misty never seemed to care that she was no beauty, not even when my soon to be husband
Joe told her she was ugly.

She did how ever get him back by passing gas when ever he was near. Misty died in 1985 and Joe followed her in 1988. I hope they have found each other and made peace with each other. Misty taught me a lesson about beauty. It truly is in the eye of the beholder.
Misty was and always will be BEAUTIFUL.


Forever in my heart,
Suzanne Schultz