“In Memory Of ” Misty

In Sept 1987 my Father died after a long bout with cancer. It was only 2

years prior that my mother had died from cancer also. In October 1987 I

got Misty Blue a beautiful German Shepherd puppy with such sad and

soulful eyes the name Misty Blue fit her. I had such a void and Misty

came into my life. She had Parvo virus since the back-yard breeder

decided to cut corners and not vaccinate. She was dying as I held her in

my lap taking her to the vet. My 6 year old niece – who was very close

to her Grandparents said non-chalantly “well that’s it. First

Grandma then Pap now Misty – you go to the hospital come home and

die”. Well my heart just broke – I prayed so hard that Misty would make

it through – and she did! She was with me through a very hard divorce

and me remaking my life. Then two years ago she developed a limp which

was diagnosed as hip-dysplasia. I took her for acupuncture and we

treated with herbs and vitamins through a certified vet. She was really

doing well with occasional bad days. Everyone loved Misty. The gentle

nature and at the same time fierce protectiveness over me. She was

totally gentle toward Rosie and Clawdia – our two cats. And also towards

any baby. Once I walked with a friend who had her baby in a stroller.

The child just thrust her hand into Misty’s open and panting mouth. It

was like time stopped for a moment. One chomp and that child’s life is

changed forever. But Misty turned toward the child and licked her face.

She giggled and tried to share her pacifier with Misty. Well yesterday,

I went to a yard sale at my friends in the morning to get rid of some

junk I had. Misty really wanted to go with me – almost insisting- more

than usual. But I had the car full of junk A huge storm hit in the

afternoon. Misty was always petrified of storms. Often wanting to be

held (at 80 lbs no easy task!). When I got home I found her lying dead

in the kitchen. I think she must have had a heart attack. There was no

sign of struggle or vomit or blood. I actually thought at first that

she was asleep – till I saw the feces and urine. I lost my good friend.

You all know how hard this feels. She was with me through all the

horrible times and for the past 4 years of my life the good times.

We camped together she came to me when I was upset or down,

she protected me from way too much 🙂 – she was just always there. As

good as friends are we humans can never compare our loyalties to that

which a dog gives. There are people who just ‘own’ dogs and there are

those of us who live with a friend. Well my sister and niece came right

over to help me with burying her. Becky was with Misty since she was 6

years old – a first grader. My God. Now she will be graduating. I wanted to

have her take one of her high school pictures w/ Misty – but that’s all changed now.

I cried so much yesterday. But Clawdia the cat – they are so intuitive – came and

stayed w/ me all nite. She woke me up repeatedly and just rubbed against

me. What a cat. I know she feels the loss also. Rosie the cat – was

totally upset. When I came in the house she was acting all strange –

pacing and meowing. She is much more emotional than Clawdia. Clawdia,

however is much more in touch to my sensitivities. The first question I

have when I meet the Creator is why do dogs and cats have such short

life spans when a turtle can live to 100???

Becky looked up at me at one point yesterday and said “Misty is running

again Aunt Joyce” — her hip dysplasia made her unable to run the way

she always loved to.

Take time today to hug your fur friends – they are never there long enough.