Misty & Duch

Nov. 12 —– Feb. 14 ……………. Oct. 12 —– June 26


It was February 14 Valentines day I was so happy until went

down stairs to let my cats Misty and Duch in.

I went down stairs and there was Duch but he didn’t look to well

so I let her in checked his eyes and they were going white then

I checked his mouth and it was going all bubbly at that instinct

I knew that he was poisoned so I brought him up stairs.

I stayed by his side for 8 hours until the moment came when he died.

I was crying for days. About 5 months later Misty my other cat

disappeared I couldn’t think why this was happening to me.

And still I watch for Misty to return that is if he is still alive.

It is Friday February 25 and I now have a kitten her name is

blaze she is very playful and loves to torment my buggies.

I also have a dog who blaze love to play with.

I’m thinking that blaze is one of the happiest and I hope that

she sticks around forever.



Misty & Duch