Mistypup by Dean and Maureen Hall / Mommy, Daddy, Jeff, Tim & Misty

The evening our dear dachshund Mistypup at 11-1/2 years old passed away I felt compelled to write this poem at 2:30 that morning from her to the new little dachshund, Scarlett that she got to meet for 2 months. Mistypup was diagnosed with cancer November, 2003. She was very sick and not eating, playing, etc. until we brought the puppy home. She starting doing all those puppy things again for 2 months. I wrote this poem through Mistypup’s eyes to her new friend she got to play with for a little while. We will miss her forever. You will be in our thoughts daily and we will never forget you Mistypup. Love,
Mommy, Daddy, Jeff, Tim & Misty

A Letter to Scarlett from Mistypup

If my paw could write, this is what I would say
Thank you for teaching me again how to play

You’ve got a good home, trust me I know
I will always remember where ever I go

You put life back into me for a little while
If I was human, it sure would be a smile

Now take care of my family and give them my love
I appreciate everything they did for me her from above

I’m sure you will learn right paw, left paw
It’s not very hard..just give it your all

I’m sure glad Jeff was home to take care of me
To help me get through the pain I would see

Now take care of Mom, Dad & Jeff, Scarlett O’Hara
I leave this role in your paws now with much love and care

Love, Mistypup


With Love,
10, Mar 2004
Dean and Maureen Hall