Mittens by Heather / Heather and the rest of the family

It’s hard to say goodbye
to something that you love.
Something that has been with you
since you were very young.
A best friend and confidant
that never speaks a word,
but stares at you with green eyes
and accepts you as you are.
Always there to keep you company
or greet you at the door;
it’s hard to think about the fact
that it won’t happen anymore.
But I hope you know I love you,
and I hope you know I care.
before your final days are up
I hope you know I’m there.
I’ll never forget the memories,
and I’ll never forget the feeling
of holding you in my arms
as my only source of healing.
The time we had has gone so fast
but now it will only drag on.
My life will never feel the same
but i’ll do my best to be strong.
I hope you love wherever you go
with lots of food and toys to play.
And as you run around the fields of heaven
just know I’ll see you again someday.


I love you, Mittens.
13, Mar 2006