Mitzi Minyuan Meredith by Dale & Linda Meredith / Mama & Daddy

If You Took Us By The Hand”

If you had tried to take us by the hand,,,,,
Would it have been the same?
If you`d have called right out to us,,,,,
Would we have responded to our name?

We knew you were so very Special,,,,,
Many times you were told.
For we saw it when we looked into your eyes,,,,,
They were the windows of your soul.

You knew we saw the hurt & pain,,,,,
You didn’t have to say a word.
Our souls were so connected,,,,,
Our heart already heard.

That unspoken voice which called to us,,,,,
And told us… It`s Time To Let Go.
Broke our heart into many pieces,,,,,
Cant see you see… We Loved You So?

We knew we had to be brave,,,,,
And your suffering we had to end.
But how do you ever say Goodbye,,,,,
To a Loved and Faithful Friend?

We will try to live by your example,,,,,
You were always there, Unconditionally.
We will be strong but our tears we cant hold,,,,,
For in our heart you will forever be.

And when you cross the Rainbow Bridge,,,,,
Please wait until we follow you there.
For this time when you call to us,,,,,
We promise we will hear.

We are glad you didn’t take us by the hand,,,,,
For all of our sakes.
Instead you took us by the heart,,,,,
For it was always Yours To Take.


We Love & Miss You Mitzi,
Mitzi Minyuan Meredith
11, Jan 2005
Dale & Linda Meredith