1986 —- Sept. 3 1999


I had Mitzie from a month before I started Kindergarden

until my senior year in H.S.

Mitz was special the best memory I have was from when

I was very young. Not long after we got her I came down with a

double middle ear infection and tonsillitis.

I was not a happy girl for a while. I couldn’t talk nor did I have

the strength to do much of anything.

My mom and dad had made me a cot in the living room so I

wouldn’t have to be alone in my room.

Well Mitzie sat next to that cot until I fell asleep and only then

would she go outside to relieve herself.

When she was done she would rush to my side and lick

my hand 🙁 She was /is such a sweetheart.

My mom and dad divorces when I was in 1st grade and

we had to leave my pup with my dad 🙁

But I soon reunited with her 3 years later.

I spent a lot of time with her as a child but soon realized that

school and friends were taking up much of my time.

I felt as though I was neglecting her but she knew I was just busy.

She waited until I left the house and was staying with my

mom 2 hours away to pass. She got really sick really fast and

my dad made the choice to put her to sleep. I was mortified!

About 5 months later I got a puppy!

Codi and he is now 2 years old.

I also have Jazmine the newest addition.

I am not trying to replace Mitzie but I want to save dogs

and take care of them!

I couldn’t leave Codi or Jaz where I saw them.

I had to take them home.

They are both SUPER great dogs but they will never replace

my Sheltie named Mitzie.

I will love and remember her for ever!

Thax for this site! I will tell everyone about it.

I have a friend who has a cat and is on it’s last life from

a brain tumor and I’m sure he’ll find

this site comforting.

Thanx again!