Moe Moe by Ashli Carter-Smith and Rob Smith / Mommy and Daddy

Moe Moe you brought light and life and love to us. You were such a strong willed boy and such a fighter. We only got to love you for such a short time, only 7-1/2 years, but we will miss you and hold you in our hearts forever.

I did the very best I could for you, all the fluids, the needles, but the food…oh how you LOVED the Sheba because I figured if it was inevitable that we were going to lose you, well then you should be able to eat what you loved.

I miss your big fluffy tail, your EXTRA long whiskers, the way you talked to us (or rather let your feelings about being disturbed from your nap by chattering loudly at us!:~), I just miss you and everything about you.

Godspeed my little “Moe Moe Yella”. I will see you again over the Bridge and we will hold you in our hearts forever.


Godspeed - We love you bunches!
Moe Moe
22, Feb 2006
Ashli Carter-Smith and Rob Smith