Mogwai’s Dussi Moi by Anita Riley / Mom


When I am old and frail and can no loner see,
Please do the kindest thing that you can do for me.
When your sweet voice, to me, is only a muted sound,
Please help me on from this world,do not keep me bound.
When, in my mind, I am scared and no longer understand,
Please lift me gently and hold me safely in your hands.
I have loved you always and my heart was always true,
I could never love another so much as I loved you.
My life to you was only lent for the time that we had,
To give you love and joy, so please don’t be so sad.
But in your heart you know my last day is near,
So hold me gently in your arms, my sweet friend so dear.
I’ve let you know these past few days, that my time has come,
You know my heart best of all, you know my day is done.
My body has not failed me along life’s winding road,
But my eyes and ears and mind have grown so very old.
I know your heart has loved me and now I need to go,
But never forget this, my friend, I still love you so.


With all my heart to you,
Mogwai's Dussi Moi
23, Apr 2003
Anita Riley