Mojito by Julie / Julie (and your buddy Clementine)

Little baby Mojo had a rough start in life. He and his 2 siblings were found at 10 days old in a garbage bag in a dumpster. He was handraised and joined our mini-family in May. He was a little jumping bean and I called him field mouse, because he was so hard to catch when I wanted to get him. He was a little cuddle bunny and loved to play and sleep in hair. He picked at kitty food, but LOVED people food.

He was always a skinny kitty, but I had no idea he was so sick. Yesterday, I took him to the vet’s office to be spayed and I asked them to do a full work-up as he’s been losing weight and sleepy. It turns out he had congenital renal failure and was dying. I picked him up and brought him home for one last night with me and my other cat. He slept and slept and was ready this morning. He was ready to be done.

We went back to the vet’s and he went quickly with only a little struggle. He will always be my little boy and the sweetest kitten you could ask for. We’ll always miss him.


Always there,