Molly by Hannah Anderson / Your Best Friend Hannah

Ok well the first time I saw Molly was the day before we got her!! To keep! There was these two girls who came by and all of us were doing work out in the yard and they came up to me and they asked me if this was my dog, and I said ‘no its not, shes very cute though, but shes not mine’ and then the next day my grandpa and grandma got here, and then me and my grandma and sisters went somewhere and we came back and there was my brother holding Molly in his arms, and her big brown eyes never leaving my face! And I think that night she slept with me! It was great!!

I just wanted a dog for so long and finally we got one, and she likes me! Yeah! Well anyways, from the first night we got her and she slept with me, I always knew she was going to be a great dog! And then the next day we were all expecting to see flyers up around our neighborhood about a missing dog. But for the past couple of days we didn’t see any! Thanks goodness! And I remember my dad would work at the skating rink a lot when we first got her, and when we were get home Molly would come running toward me like a cat was chasing her! (she was always afraid of our cats! LoL) and she would do that a lot! Come up to me as soon as I got home from anywhere! And I just felt that I was kinda special because she wouldn’t be the way she was when she was with me, with my mom or dad or brother or sisters!

And I felt that God had given me a friend, because when Molly showed up, I was in MAJOR need of a friend, and I felt that God gave me Molly for a reason. And we went for walks. And everyday when me and my grandma would take our walks we were walk with our dogs, and it was so funny, Molly was always walking in front of me, and my grandmas dog Buttons would be the slow-poke! But I always knew that if I needed to say something or let something out, and I knew I couldn’t tell my family or my friends or if I just needed to let something out I would let it out to her! Because I felt that I could tell her anything and have her know and understand me, and not make myself look stupid!

But anyways, she is barred outside in the woods next to us, we cleared it out, and we barred our cat, that died, two turtles, four gerbils, and a dead bird the girls found on the grass! LoL but we have all of our animals barred right here! And I know this is kinda short, but I will always remember Molly! No matter what other dog or animal we might get in the future, I will always love and remember my dog and best friend-Molly. We don’t know how you passed but it seemed as though it was peaceful and we know that you are now in a better place with the Lord, And thank you sooooooo much Molly for helping Pass the time with me! You are the best Dog any 13 year old girl could ever want!”
You will never be forgotten,

Your best friend


You Will Never Be Forgotten,
Hannah Anderson