Molly by Kathy


Oh what you do to me
When I leave you every day
Your eyes could melt
the coldest heart
and they make my heart break.

Four legs keep you running
sometimes even in
your sleep.
It’s too bad life
can’t really be
what your small mind
thinks it sees.

The slightest sound annoys you
and you hear every one.
Do you have a built in radar
That tells you harm might come?

I was told I couldn’t love you
Because you don’t have a soul.
Isn’t it amazing
what some people think
they know?

Your understanding eyes
Greet me every day.
Your understanding eyes
Almost always seem to say
“I love You”.

I’ve made mistakes like everyone
And sometimes they’ve hurt you
But you’ve always been
beside me.
You’ve remained
steadfast and true.

I know some day you’ll leave me
If it’s in the good Lord’s plan
But we’ll always be together
For true friendship never ends.



1, Oct 1997