Molly by Linda Raneo / Mommy

My beginning with Molly was wonderful! I received her from a friend of a friend who couldn’t keep her, and agreed to adopting her sight unseen. It was a great decision, Molly was such a sweet little dog, and gave me years of love. She came into my home under the “not so welcome” greetings of my two cats, Ted and Fred, brothers who I had since 1989. We eventually lost Fred in 2007 and Ted joined Fred in September of 2008. I know Molly was depressed after losing Ted,
they were good buddies.

February of this year we adopted another pet who couldn’t stay with their previous owner. Sophie, a beautiful 8 month old Jack Russell. Molly accepted Sophie into our home, taking over the role as “Mom” to her. Sophie’s never ending energy tired Molly out many days, since Molly was diagnosed with cushings disease almost 2 years previous.

Molly was young again! Her cushings seemed to be under control, and she and Sophie were inseparable. I hadn’t seen her behave
like this for years!!

But about a month ago, things went downhill, and Molly aged quickly. The cushings was taking over and her little belly filled with fluids. She had such a hard time walking, and I knew I couldn’t let her suffer. Though it was a horrible day, I decided it was her time, and we lost our sweet little Molly only last week. I know Sophie is depressed and I’m worried about her. I have lots of love to give her and know she’ll eventually be ok. Molly is watching over us, and I hope she’s back with her feline friends, Ted and Fred, forever playing in pet heaven!


Always in my heart.,
Linda Raneo