MOLLY by The Benz Family / Ryan


In the kitchen she lay so still
As our emotions, they started to spill
As we lay beside her,
tears falling on her bedside,
Our family, yes we all cried.
All the memories will never fade
Each day with her, a new one was made.
No dog in this world could have a stronger heart,
But trust me, you wouldn’t want to smell her fart.
She lived a great life, it was a piece of cake,
Until she almost tried to drowned herself in a
Peeing in the house,
was one of her favorite things to do,
But occasionally, she would leave some poo.
15 years ago her life would have been over,
But she was saved, and we gave her a life harder
to find than a four-leaf-clover.
The house without MOLLY
will never be the same again
The memories and feelings will never fade away…



12, Apr 2003
The Benz Family