Molly, Mandy & Spike by Sarah / Sarah

I lost all three of you in only two months.
I still can’t believe my babies are gone.

“Special” Spike you were the cutest thing. I’m so sorry for all the difficulties you had to live with, but you stuck through it and and always stayed so playful. You could always make me laugh.

Mandy, I didn’t expect to lose you so suddenly. I didn’t get to grieve for you with everything that was going on,but I want you to know that i missed you very much and still do.I can’t hear your song without crying my eyes out.

Molly girl, I miss you so very much. This is still so hard for me, it’s only been two weeks since I lost you. You were still a baby but we went through so much together. I loved how strong and sweet you were. I can still picture you in my mind staring at me with your one eye and those cute little ears hanging over your face. I can still feel you laying at the top of my head at night when I sleep, and sometimes I truly believe you’re still there. I wish I could have helped you when you got sick, I know deep inside there was nothing I could do.

I’m so glad that I had you in my life if only for a short while. I’ll always remember you and I’ll always love you, all of you. I can’t wait to see you all again. Take care of each other.


With all my love,
Molly, Mandy & Spike