Mommy Cat by Hannah / Hannah

I was 4 years old when I got mommy cat. We were at a party and we saw a cat and two others (I have there stories to mine’s name is Gray and my sisters was Cally. There on this to its the name only different kittens their death was bad. It was so sad.) Anyway if you wanna check them out you can. I saw her and asked if we can get her? We could. She had baby kittens but we couldn’t take them so we took her and the other kittens home Gray and Cally.

We don’t really no what happended to her. But we think she’s passed away. She had a lot of kittens one time. We had 16 cats all together. Her and I didn’t mind it at all. I love animals. They are my life. I just want you to know mommy cat I love you so much.

You started this kitten town at home. They sad thing is that we have one left, a black one. But I asked if I could get a kitten. I think in the spring I am getting a small kitten!I will write back as soon as I get him or her.



With love,
Mommy Cat