Monkee by Kimberly Tharp / Love your 2nd Mamma

My Monkee, My Sweetpea,

I knew you when you were just a kitten, before you were my cat. I was so mean to you, I would hide around corners and ambush you when you would walk by. I didn’t like cats and you knew that. You were five years old when we came to live with each other. We were forced together and it was something neither of us wanted. That first week you would not come out from under my bed. I still remember the time I walked by my bed and you stuck your paw out to hit my foot. I was so startled that I fell into your litter box. I know you planned that! Then you began coming out from under the bed. But you would not come near me. Then you began to sleep on the foot of my bed but would not come to me when I was awake. Finally, you began sleeping on me. Slowly you and I learned how to live together. I really miss you laying on my back when I would lie down. I would always fall asleep faster with you there.

I still remember the day I knew we belonged together. I came home from work and you met me in the kitchen. You kept pacing and talking until I followed you to my room, you wanted me to yourself. Then there was the day I brought my work home with me. For all your antics you could not get my attention. So you climbed onto my shoulders, laid down and began to purr. After that my shoulders became your favorite place. You would even jump halfway across a room to get to my shoulders. That used to hurt, but I more than loved having you there. I used to joke about having a Monkee on my back.

I always thought that you had strange eating habits. You would paw your food from the bowel onto the floor then eat from the floor. I tried to get a picture of you pawing at your food but you would always stop when I would grab my camera.

Did you know that my friends used to ask me how could I have a black cat when I was so superstitious? My reply would always be that you are my good luck charm. What am I suppose to do without you?

Then, to your dismay, I brought Koani home. You let me know that you were not happy about the new cat. You did not forgive me for the longest time. So long that I thought about taking her back. But you eventually accepted her and you taught her how to be a cat. I know you grew to love her I would see the two of you cuddling or playing together. I know you didn’t want me to see because you would stop when I entered the room. I know that even though you reminded her every day that you were the boss you still enjoyed having her around.

Then there was the day I first saw you stumble, a misstep, I knew at that moment time was getting short, even though both of us tried to deny it. Little did I know I didn’t have another year with you. You refused to show me that you were sick. I used to watch you for signs. I would even watch Koani to see if she knew anything. You didn’t let us know. I first knew something was wrong when you stopped eating. I took you to the vet and they told me you had cancer. I took you to your first mamma’s house and she and I talked about the next step. I knew what I had to do but I didn’t want to admit it. I wanted more time with you. You were 14 years old but I had you for only 9 of those years. I wanted the other 5, so I took you home. That week I did everything I could to keep you with me, but I realized that I was being selfish, I needed to let you go. You were in so much pain, you withdrew from me. I knew you were dying.

That Friday your first momma and I took you back to the vet. I didn’t want to let you go. I told you that you had better visit me after you go. They let me hold you when they gave you the injection. Do you know that I felt you go. I believe that you have come to visit me since. That Sunday I heard your claws on the carpet, like when you would come running into the room. Koani was sitting next to me, she heard it too. Then this week when I called for the new kitten I felt the bed dip down, I know it was you jumping up on my bed, I know it was you.

You were my first cat and because of you I now love cats. You trained me. I love you my Sweetpea, I will see you again someday. I will always remember you and cherish you.

By the way, did you pay Buddy back yet?

Keep any eye on Koani,
she misses you.
Sometimes I see her looking for you.


I love you, MonkeeMonk.
Kimberly Tharp