Monty by Alison Alcock / your mummy

Even though it’s been six years since my little westie, Monty died. I have tears rolling down my face. I’d alway’s loved Westies and found two beautiful boy’s called Monty and Alfie at a rescue in Preston. Both dogs had been mistreated and had been through a really terrible time.I paid £75 and a huge bag of dog food for the dogs and we spent many happy days together until Alfie had a stroke and he had to be put to sleep. Loosing little Alf broke my heart and it was strange not having him plodding around with Monty.

I have cystic fibrosis and at times life was very difficult for me, but Monty gave me the strength I needed to keep going and look after us both. Monty suffered three strokes but managed to get to his 21st birthday and was featured in “Dogs Today” magazine.

Sadly old father time caught up with my little moo and I had to have him put to sleep after he suffered a fourth stroke leaving him unable to open his eyes and unsteady on his feet.

I have never got over loosing him; the bond we had was unbreakable and the love we shared was unconditional. Monty wasn’t just a dog, he was my life and my best friend.

I will never forget my little Monty, I have and always will love him, the tears just keep rolling down my cheeks everytime I think of him like I’d just lost him yesterday. Maybe that’s a true sign of the love I had for one very special little Westie.


Always and forever with love,
Alison Alcock