Moon by Hayley Geertsen / Mama

When I was only seven, I really wanted a pet. My mom and I tried to find the right pet for me. Two weeks after i decided i wanted a pet, after school, my mom brought e home a guinea pig! I loved her so much. I had her for one year. One day day, my parents held a Christmas party for friends. i had noticed that Moon was acting funny around other people. That was very unusual for her. She was normally great with children and other people. And the pet store told us that if we raised her right, she would be a social and loving guinea pig. She was always shy around the pet shop. I played with her every day. I fed her as much as she wanted, except not too much, and she loved to eat! I gave her
just the nutritional foods, too.

But one day we had her checked up at the vet. They said she had cancer, and would only live for three more days if we were lucky. That night, I had heard her squeaking and squeaking. I went to go see what was wrong, but it was too late. Moon died. I had sobbed and sobbed for the rest of the night.

The next day, my best friend came over. Later she made a grave with flowers for Moon. Then, she buried him.


I'll see you again some day baby,
Hayley Geertsen