Morgan by Kelly McAloon and Raymond Duplisea / Mummy and Daddy

I still remember the day I saw you at the SPCA. You were such a funny looking, but cute pup. You came right over to me and looked at me with those big brown eyes. I knew I had to have you then. A few weeks later we found out that you had really bad hips. We figured we would have you for about a year. You suprised Dad and I. You were with us for almost 7 years. Your hips started to get really bad and we could tell you were in pain. You tried to hide it, but we had to do what was best for you. It was a very hard day for us, especially Dad. We both miss you so much. Every once and a while we say your name by accident. You are gone, but will never be forgotten. You are now free from pain and waiting at Rainbow Bridge with Shelby, Tikka and Cassidy. I am sure you are all happy together and are watching over Dad and I.


We love you and miss you Morgan!
Kelly McAloon and Raymond Duplisea