Morris by Cassie / Sassy

I have had Morris ever since I was born, actually, before I was born! My mom had him even she married my dad! Morris was there for me when ever I needed him. He was my life. Everyday, I came home from school and went to go see Morris. He was always up in my room, purring like a motor boat. I loved him to death. Then, one hot summer day, he got sick. We took him to the vet and he spent the night there. But he came back. Then, he got sick again. This time, he didn’t come back. He had to get put down or die a painful death. He was put down later that day. I miss him a ton and go to see his grave whenever I can. Sometimes I still hear him purr, and see him sleeping on my bed. I know Morris is dead, but he is still living in my heart. And in my mind, I still go see him after school, and hear him purr so loud. And about the blanket that he slept on, I still have it, with his warm cinnamon fur still on it. I will always love Morris, even after the day I die.


love always,