Moustache by Joshua Temple / Daddy

Dearest Moustache,

It has been one year now since you have been gone. It has been a very long sad time for us all. I found a tape of you and I got it on a dvd and it was 30 minutes of you. What a gift. I also got a new kitty you sent to me and he has helped me alot. He reminds me alot of you, yet he is not you. There are no words to say how empty our home has been. There is no moose waiting for me in the window, no lap time,no more flossing, and I miss holding you and how wonderful you smelled. You were the most wonderful being I ever met and I realize now how very ill you were and how each day was a miracle that you were here. Every day with you was a gift.Thank you for helping me every step of the way on doing what needed to be done.

Thank you for the love and companionship you gave to me. Thank you for sending me Majik who we rescued thanks to you and the dream you gave me. I know you still take care of me even if I can’t always feel you. I know we will be together again and in reality we already are. You taught me so very much and you will always be remembered and when I look at the hundreds of photos I have they are not enough.

I now wish I took more and made movies. I have learned this and will from now on as every day foe any of us is a gift and in a moment any of us can be gone from this earth. I reflect on how lucky I was and am everyday and you are in my thoughts daily. You will always be my very best friend and love forever.I love you and I miss you oh so much and there are no words to express it. Thank-You for giving me the 10 years we had.


I Will Always Love You,
23, Oct 2006
Joshua Temple