Storm by Kia / —

To my little Storm:

You were a constant figure in my life for the past 15 years and it is still very hard to think of you as being gone. I remember taking you to buy your first winter coat and boots. You totally HATED the boots and couldn’t walk for trying to kick them off your feet – so we didn’t get them. The coat was adorable but far too heavy for your little body and caused you to slowly fall to your side with your little puppy feet kicking like Ralphy’s brother in A Christmas Story.

You’ve been there with me through a lot of heartache and happiness. We’ve traveled several places together and you’ve been in places most dogs will never see, and all this before they made the purses for dogs!

I remember being caught with you in Walmart when someone approached and said, “excuse me miss, your purse is wagging.” I have many memories with you as do the many other humans who’s lives you touched. Since you were certain that you were not a dog or anything but a small 4 footed human with extra fur.

I knew this day was coming because you hadn’t been well for sometime. The thought of having to have you put down was too much for me to bear and I think you know that I wanted to make sure I didn’t just give up on you.

I am thankful to know that you were not suffering and had a peaceful passing. I only wish I had known before I had gone to bed that night that when I awoke, you would
not wake as well.

I miss you “Biscuit.”


We will always remember you.
1, Nov 2007