Mr & Mrs No Toes by Wendy / Wendy

Let me tell you the story about Mr. and Mrs. No Toes.

Mrs. No Toes was a perfect little female Zebra Finch. One day, while she was with the other finches, I noticed that her toes were shriveling up and falling off. To this day I do not know why and I have never seen it happen again. Mrs. No Toes ended up with little ‘stumps’ to stand on but with a little practice she was able to land on perches, walk on the floor of the cage, do all the things the other birds did.

The other birds, however decided that because she was different she would be made to eat last, bath last, no one would mate with her….she was made an outcast. Because she had no toes I decided to call her ‘Miss No Toes’.

One day she met a little male bird who came to her rescue and made sure she ate first, bathed first, built a wonderful nest together and they raised many clutches of babies together. The babies all had toes and they both taught them how to be wonderful finches. I called the two Zebra Finches Mr. and Mrs. No Toes even though he had toes.

One day, after many years and many clutches of babies, Mr. No Toes died a natural death. Two months later Mrs.
No Toes also died a natural death.

Mr. and Mrs. No Toes stayed together
for their entire life.

Please do not tell me that Finches do not love.


Remembering You Both,
Mr & Mrs No Toes