Mr. Puddy by Sherri


" Mr. Puddy "

April 1994 ----- Oct. 1999


My Real Boy in a Kitty Cat Costume


My little boy eyes so bright.

Knew no-one and was filled with fright.

That day I found you I cried with joy.

You came to me you we’re my boy.

I loved you so you loved me back.

My little boy the kitty cat.


I fed you lots you grew and grew.

So much I didn’t think you’d ever stop.

The smarts you had was like no other,

I miss you so much

I love you,

Your mother.


The days we lived the nights together,

I love you so and miss forever.

You we’re my friend my companion and son.

I miss all your love and life full of fun.


Mr. Puddy You left me too soon

I’m waiting to see you on the next full moon.

Come back to your mommy your companion and friend.

We will be together forever again.


I’m waiting to see you as soon as you can,

I’m waiting for you my big muscle-y cat fan.

I know you’ll come back whenever you can,

You’re my Kitty cat boy as human as man.









Mr. Puddy