Tinker Bell Traughber by Mommy Ali


"Tinker Bell Traughber"

September 1992 ----- February 13 2000



In memory of my Best friend Tinker bell


If my heart had a window to look in and see

A river of sorrow is what there would be

For the day that you left me to go to heaven far away

Was the day my heart sank drowning in tears of dismay.


From a fluffy small kitten to a radiant old girl

Eight years we shared our lives through the good bad and more,

Please remember those times for I won't let them go

How could I forget the best friend that I came to know

Everytime I think of you which is every minute I cry

For the hardest thing to say to a most precious friend is goodbye.



You'll never be forgotten Tinker bell...


September 1992 - February 13 2000


Mommy Ali



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Tinker Bell Traughber
Mommy Ali