Mr. Skittles by Triand Kil’Mi / Papa Skittles

Today is a sad day for my family and I. We have had Mr. Skittles for such a long time. I found him as a stray running around eating anything he could for survival. I saw his cute face and had to take him to my family. My daughter instantly loved him the second she saw him. It was love at first sight and he fit perfectly into the family. Well, one day, my family and I got shipped to the middle east. My job is to find nuclear wastes around and decomtaminate the area.

Anyway, Mr. Skittles was outside in the yard as always and he got past our fence. I searched for him for hours but found nothing. I continued to search day after day till finally my family and I gave up on
our beloved Mr. Skittles.

As the days went by I always kept an eye open for him. Than one day at work, I found him! It wasn’t a happy ending as we had hoped. I found him in a bag near some plutonium. He was beaten and left for dead in a bag. I wanted to hunt down those responsible. I was so mad. My Mr. Skittles. My love and my friend. I will never forget the days of happiness we had but now my sadness and remorse will never heal.

I love you Mr. Skittles and I will see you when my time is up. We will be able to play in heavens gates. I love you Mr. Skittles…
you will never be forgotten!


With Love,
Mr. Skittles
Triand Kil'Mi