Mr. Wee Willie Winkie by Penny and Betty / Your Momies

Mr. Wee Willie Winkie our little soldier. We had so many pet names for our fourteen pound blond Brussels Griffon, this little angel sent from heaven gave us so much love and devotion to our family. From each morning he would awake licking our faces and cuddling up next to one of us. I can remember when my sister called me and said that she had found the perfect companion, little did I realize that this precious soul would change our lives forever. The years seem to vanish and before we knew it Winkie was showing signs of getting old.

Even though he wasn’t as spry as he once was he would bark and protect his puppy pack (us). The lessons in love that he has taught us will endure in our hearts till our time comes for us to cross the rainbow bridge together, never to be apart again. This evening Jesus will pick up Winkie into his comforting arms and take him into the heavens light were he will meet our Grandson Chase, our dear friend Ron, Duce Bear and Lady Blue together they will run and play together forever more.


Our Loving Angel,
Mr. Wee Willie Winkie
Penny and Betty