Muffin by Barbara J. Bishop / A grateful daughter

I had to have my mother’s cat, Muffin, euthanized
on 6/9/2005. My mother loved Muffin from the moment she was rescued as a little stray…and Muffin adored my mother! She was always sitting on my mother’s lap, sleeping with her at night, greeting her at the door with her soft chirping meow…and giving my mother unconditional love and affection. You see, my mother rescued Muffin before the insidious silent ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease began to steal away my mother’s mind.

To Muffin, it never mattered if ‘her human’ slowly changed. The love between them somehow remained intact. Muffin was even able to live with my mother in the Assisted Living Facility. As everything else around and in my mother changed, Muffin’s love remained steadfast! Now Muffin waits for my mother on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I will save her ashes to be buried with my mother when it is her time to cross over.
I think Muffin would like that..


Thank you Muffin, for all the love and happiness you gave my mother. You were her angel in the form
9, June 2005
Barbara J. Bishop