Muffin by Becky VanCleave

Muffin you brought so much to my life. I can’t even remember
what it was like before you came to live with me.
You were there through all the good times and bad.
The only time you were ever mad at me was after a hair cut.
Even then it didn’t last long.
You would be right back by my side.
When you got sick this last time I thought it
would be like all the rest.
I would go to the vet and get some medicine.
You would be better. But it was not to be.
God decided it was time to end your suffering.
I miss you Muffin. I loved you so much.
I could tell you felt the same.
I look forward to the day we are together again in heaven.

Love always,
Becky VanCleave


23, Mar 1998
Becky VanCleave