Murphy by Jim Foulk / JW Foulk

On June 14, 1997 we had to put our dog Brandon to sleep. It was a very sad day. Two weeks later on June 26, 1997, I saw an add in the paper for a corgi-mix, so I called the number and this lady brought over the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. It was love at first site. Murphy was such a smart and loyal dog. I will tell you just some of the things he did.

To get my attention he would come over to where I was sitting and paw me. Then sometimes I would place my hand on his paw, he would then place his paw on my hand, this went on and on.

I would let him outside and when he was ready to come in, he would bark, I would say just wait, but he kept it up, I would say, ok you pushy dog come on in. Feeding time was something else. He would jump up and down and bark until I placed his food dish on the floor.

During the night he would come over to my bed and give a very low growl to let me know he wanted to go out. One time he went into the kitchen to get a drink, and I had went to the restroom, he went bact to my bed and growled at me, I said to him, you silly dog I’m right here. In May of 2004 we got a female border collie-chow mix, and it brought new life to him, he fell deeply in love with Brandy and she with him. I wrote about 30 poems about Murphy. But in December of 2009 he had a fainting spell, it was his heart, they put him on some pills for it. but on February 28 he stopped eating. he had a mass on his liver, the vet told me, that it would be a matter of time before he would die. so on March 3, 2010 I had Murphy put to sleep, a very hard thing to do, I still have not gotten over it, but Brandy is helping me.


In Memory of my best Friend Murphy,
Jim Foulk