Murphy by Sandy & Roger



December 11 1983 ----- February 16 2000

Cocker Spaniel

Sweet Love Everlasting

A Tribute to our Pet


Its only been a week since you left us.

Our eyes are still flooded with tears.

We'll love you and miss you forever

throughout all the next coming years.


Our hearts will always be with you

for the wonderful joy that you brought.

Your life will always be special

for the brave little battle you fought.


We look at your picture and wonder

of the new friends you're making on high.

We know they'll all love you as we do

as you spread your new wings and fly.


So Rest in Sweet Peace our dear Murphy

and know that we cherished your love.

Your pain is all gone and you're home now

and guiding our lives from above.


Sandy and Roger











Sandy & Roger