My Big Girl Lady by Eddy / Eddy,your loving Daddy!

I still remember the day I got Lady. I was living in a duplex..the people in the other half of the duplex got a dog. I do not know what they named her but she was so timid and seemed afraid of every one but the girl that owned her. Well these people moved about a month later and they left the dog. I already had two dogs so I thought.. I do not need another one….but seeing those big sad eyes broke my heart and I gave in.. I told myself that I would keep her outside since
the other two dogs gave her hell.

Well I decided to name her Lady. One day while at work I got a call a couple of weeks later. It was the new neighbor. She informed me Lady had been hit by a car and it looked like she had a broken a when I got home I took her on to the vet’s ..they kept her over night and set the leg…she would not let anyone but me touch her. Well I knew I could not leave her outside with a broken leg…so from then on she became a house dog. Over the next month she won the hearts of Me, Nikkie and Lucky (the other two dogs). Lady seemed to be the most appreciative dog you would ever meet. I think she never forgot how it was living under the house. If it possible for a dog to be thankful, then that she was.

Eventually we moved in with my mother and Lady stole her heart, too. It was funny..Lady got to the point that when I went to bed she would come and get on my bed. As soon as she thought I was asleep she would head into mother’s room for the rest of the night. Since I figured Lady was about 10 or 11 this year.. I never thought I would loose her. As a matter of the fact, both of my other dogs were 15 this year and my mother’s was around 9. I was so prepared that if something happened to one of them it would be Nikkie or Lucky..

Then one day out of the blue Lady stopped jumping on the bed and needed help up. Then a couple of days later she went blind. I took her to the vet and he gave her some medicine that caused her to be violently ill. Oh I stayed up with that dog for hours. I would sit there with her and cry over her condition. She was suppose to go for a follow up that Friday but she got so bad I took her on in Tuesday. Mother went with me because we both knew what would happen probably.

Well the vet said she had meningitis and would never recoup from it…so I made the hardest decision I have ever had to make..the vet said they would take her into the back room and it would take about a minute all together..Then I asked him if he could do it with me in the room. After all Lady gave me around 11 years of wonderful companionship. How could I let her go through this alone. SO while he was getting everything ready.. I told lady “Give me some sugar baby” and even in her weakened state she could barely lift her head. She raised her head and licked my face. I was trying not to cry but I looked over at mother and she was sobbing uncontrollably. Then they came back in.. So I started petting Lady and within a minute she was gone.

I brought her home and buried her..she is in the backyard with a cement slab over her. The other dogs still look for her. August 2, 2005 will forever be etched in my mind. People tell me to look at what kinda of life she would have had if I had not taken her in. Yes she had a good life but I was not prepared for her to go..especially so sudden. I think of her every day and I pray for god to give her a big hug and kiss from me every night. There is forever an empty space in my heart. Well I do not know if it is is full of love for Lady.

I hope where ever she is…she is always happy! It has been 2 months and 28 days since my “big girl” was taken from me. I will always miss her and think fondly of my big girl. My big girl was the kinda of dog that always made you smile.Even now writing this, my tear stricken face has a smile on it.Now when I come home and the dogs run to meet me at the door,I still call out “Where is my big girl?” I guess I never get use to the fact she is gone. Good Bye Lady I love you big girl!
October 30, 2005


I will never stop loving you are forget you my big girl Lady!
My Big Girl Lady