My Princess by Terry & Amanda / Mommy & Daddy (Terry & Amanda)

Princess came to us by accident. We went to buy a car and the owners told us that the dog goes along with the camaro. So Terry said it was up to me. That was all it took. She was a happy dog. She was so beautiful. Brown all over with the deepest brown eyes. Princess would jump and bounce all over the place when mama and daddy came home. Princess would listen better than any animal I have seen. She would try and break every chain and collar that she was given. A log chain, a swing chain and all were broken. She was at least 140 pounds. She was my heart and soul. One day Terry and I went outside and played with her for over 30 -40 minutes. When I would tell Princess to give Mama a hug, she would jump up and wrap her front paws around my waist. We went inside the house and within 30 minutes my little princess was gone.

A red ant called a cow killer bit my baby on the nose. It closed her air ways and within minutes my baby girl, my princess was gone. She was Terry and My baby girl we never had. And god decided he wanted a hug more than I needed her. She will never be forgotten and certainly will be missed. No other dog will ever live up to you. Also my cat baby a long haired persian on this site will now have a sister dog to run and play with now. I will never be the same and neither will Terry.


With All my heart baby girl,
My Princess
Terry & Amanda