Nala by Amanda Alberti / sis

When I was almost three years old our neighbors found a dog that had wandered into their garage. They brought it over to our house and asked if it belonged to us or if we knew who’s it was. We had never seen the dog, but it looked so lonely. We couldn’t let it go to the pound! My parents decided to take the dog in. Other than a fish, she was the first pet I had ever had!

At that time my favorite movie was the Lion King, so we named her Nala. She was the pest pet anyone could ask for: she never bit, she rarely ever barked, she was just so sweet! Then around Easter the year that I was about 6, she became sick. We didn’t know what was wrong she just started throwing up and acting very strangely! We brought her to the vet, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

She went through a bunch of treatments and medicines but eventually she could barely even walk! One day my mom came out to the garage and found me crying I knew something was going to happen soon but my mom reasured me otherwise! A few weeks later my mom left me and my brother at her friend’s house and her and my dad went to the vet. When they came back they explained to me that Nala was gone!

To this day I still sit up and cry that I didn’t get to see her that one last time!!!I will always love her and regret
not visiting her those last few weeks!


~in loving memmory~
Amanda Alberti