Natrone by Shelley

Natrone Means Business Bear
6/25/95 – 11/3/01

At the snap of my fingers
I want to hear you speak.
I want to see you look
behind the door
When we play hide and seek.

I want to hold your paw
when I ask you to shake.
I want to hear the
snoring noises
that you sometimes make.

I want to see you kick around
your big blue ball
I want to watch you
jump on the bed
after running down the hall.

I want to see you roll over and
anxiously itch your back
I’d like to see you
sniff for a treat
in a grocery sack.

I want to watch you splash
in the lake
or try to catch a snowball
I want you to play with Missi
even though she is so small.

I want to see Calvin
lovingly rub
up against your front leg.
I want to eat pizza and popcorn
just to see you beg.

I want you to set your head and
loving eyes upon my lap.
I want to hear you breathing
as I lay down to take a nap.

I want to give you
another bath and
rub you down with a towel
I want to feel
your slobber on my leg
coming off your jowl.

I want to hear you ‘whisper’
when I give you a treat
I just want to lay
my head upon you
and hear your heart beat.

I wouldn’t even mind
to hear you
braying in the back yard.
I want to feel you protect me
as you stand at your guard.

I want to hear you
licking yourself
so I can call out your name.
I want to play one more time
another fetching game.

I want to see your eyes
light up
when I jingle you leash
and chain.
I want to tug
the scruff of your neck
and brush out your thick mane.

So many things
I will miss about you
makes your absence so hard.
I wish I could hug and hold you
I wish I could play
another card.

Our time together has passed
and you were always
such a “good boy.”
Natrone we love you so much
you make it so hard
to say goodbye.



3, Nov 2001