When I was much younger I had a wonderful cat named Nefer.  I remember writing stories about him that I read to my class in the third grade.  I loved him so much.  I remember playing ball with him.  I believe he loved me too.

One night he was run over.  My mother found him in the road on her way to work.  She wrapped him in newspaper and put him by the trash can because we weren’t allowed to bury him.  I wasn’t allowed to see him to say goodbye.  My mother told my Aunt Linda to make sure I didn’t see him.  I don’t know what he looked like or anything.  Maybe she was just trying to protect me, but all I knew was that my cat was dead, in the trash, and that I didn’t get to say goodbye.

Here I am years later still grieving for Nefer.  I think if I had gotten to see him, just even a little, I would have had the closure I needed and I could have moved on.  I wish I had had the choice whether or not to see him and to have the chance to say goodbye.  I also wish my friend hadn’t been thrown in the trash, because he wasn’t garbage.

I’ve been working on myself a lot lately and one thing I needed to do was find a way to get some closure for Nefer.  So I thought that putting something up here would help.

He was a beautiful black and white cat who loved to play ball.  He loved to play.  He got into a lot of stuff – must have been the kitten in him.  I loved him and he loved me.  I had him from the time he was 8 weeks old until he died.  I loved writing stories about him.  He meant the world to a lonely girl.

I hope to see him again someday.  I love you Nefer.

With love always
Liz Cornish