Neo’s Parting Prayer by Patricia Russell / Amen

Dear God, I pray that You, please, take care of my sweet little Boo. I know You placed him in my care because it was meant to be. Now I am sending him back to You because that was meant to be, too.*****

Please, God, surround him in Your love. I know for the short time I had him I had a piece of You. His perfect Love gave me a glimpse of You and the Love You have for all Your creation.*****

Please, keep him safe for me. Please, hold him close as I once did and smother him with kisses. Please give him a place of honor in Your Kingdom for he was always my faithful and loyal companion. He watched over me and protected me. He guided me and taught me. He Loved me. All of it done with a pure and perfect Love.*****

As you bless my sweet Neo, please, bless the heart that gave him back to You. I gave him back because I loved him so much. I gave him back because he was needed in Your Kingdom and the only thing that mattered was his peace and happiness. See, God, Your little messenger taught me well. He taught me Your Love.*****

Please, give me the strength to not dwell in the emptiness his absence has brought. Please, help heal my broken heart so one day I can share all the Love he gave to me with another little companion. Please, help me remember his life with joy and help Little One remember his life with me. Please, help him to always remember how very much he is loved and how very much he is missed.*****

I ask that You help me honor this perfect little soul in any way I can. I thank You with all that I am that You placed him with me. I understand the divineness of his life and heart and I am so very grateful I had him for the time I did.*****

I, also, want to thank You for giving me the strength to allow him to return Home. He taught me the Love that was needed and You gave me the strength to act on that Love. Please, God, hold him close for me until I can do so again. Please, allow him to come to me whenever he wants and, please, allow me to see his sweet face when the first steps of my own journey Home begins.


In Your name I pray.
Neo's Parting Prayer
5, Nov 2007
Patricia Russell