Nicky by D’Amico and Mancini Family / Tessa

Goodnight My Angel Nicky…
Such a beautiful creature
should never have been given to me,
if it were not to stay with me
for all of eternity.
How to let you go
A burden in my heart forever and ever.
I hope you know
We loved you so
Always in our hearts
A deep ocean of beautiful memories.
The light you brought us.
You were an angel on Earth.
Now you are truly an angel in heaven.
Free of pain, you are at peace.
But we still cry for you with heavy hearts
And troubled thoughts.
Because we miss you and love you still.
I feel lost without my little guy, but
You will always be my companion, best friend,
my little brother.
You are my angel.
You always will be.
Thank you Nicky, for spending what short
time you had down here,
Giving us joy, peace, and light.
We will never forget you, ever.
We all love you Nicky,
Rest in Peace
My Angel.


Goodnight My Angel,
12, Feb 2003
D'Amico and Mancini Family