Nicky by June

Nicky is a Maltese.
He was born on 8th of August 1990.
I knew for the moment I saw him
he was the one for my family.
He was so cute and sweet easily catching our attention.
We knew that he was the one for our family.
We had him when he was only 2+ months old.
Nicky was very tiny.
I remembered the first time when my mother bathed him.
We were so scared because he was so small.
Despite his petite size
he was so brave always loyal and protective of us.
Nicky liked to chase after his favourite ball.
One of his favourite games was for me
to throw his ball
and he will run to fetch his ball and put it on my palm
and run far away for me
to throw his ball to him again.

He often mistaken the meaning of “Mama” & “Ball-ball”.
Many times when I asked him
“Where’s mama?”
he will run and fetch his ball to me.
However as he is the apple of my mother’s eyes
my mother still loves him as much,
despite the fact that she is often mixed-up with his ball.

Nicky is our family Angel
always smiling and always staying
with us despite of the fact that he had heart problems since young.
We knew that something was wrong with him when he
started losing weight at an alarming rate.
He was all skin and bones.
Our vet recommended that we brought him to the
animals’ hospital for a check-up. We had thought that he was
just losing weight because he had not been eating well.

However we knew that Nicky will be leaving us soon
when the vet said to us that he only had around 3 weeks to live.
Nicky was 10 years old and going towards heart failure.
Nicky had lived past the 3 weeks
but on the 5th week his body began to shut down food.
It was even too tiring for him to get up and drink water.
We had to feed him water to keep him going.
He could only lie down to sleep and rest
and yet he still gave us a loving and longing look each time
we look and pat his head.
My heart aches so much.
My family knew that Nicky will be leaving us anytime
and we spent every possible moment with him.
My mother told me that if one day
Nicky was to sleep & never wake up
she asked me not to disturb him
and let him have a peaceful sleep as he is really very tired.
Nicky’s passed away peacefully
in my room’s bathroom on 17th July 2001.
I was the first one to find Nicky had passed away
on my bathroom’s floor when I came back from work.
How I wished the floor will open up to swallow me at that moment.
My bathroom was his favourite place to be
when he was still alive.
He had to choose to leave us silently
fearing that we will be heartbroken had
he left this world in front of us.
Nicky was such a brave and sweet boy.
He had been determined to live past the 3 weeks which the vet
had estimated and never fearful in the face of death.
Nicky is still with us. He had never left us.
He is with us in our hearts.
We can feel him around us,
looking at us and guiding us all this while.
He was never gone even though we cannot see him
but he will always remain in our heart.
Nicky lives forever in our heart.

Nicky is at Rainbow Bridge now.
I miss Nicky often and think of him very much.
The song by Kevin Kern,
“In the Enchanted Garden” seem to fit in nicely.
I like to imagine that Rainbow Bridge looks exactly
like the Enchanted Garden.
It had been nearly 8 months since Nicky passed away.
I almost always cry overtime I think of him.
He had been with us for nearly 11 years.
The memory of the time spent with him
will be with my family forever.
Between now and till the time I can be with Nicky again
at Rainbow Bridge
I will be loving and missing him always.