Niki by Charlene

As we walked up to your cage
we noticed you looked away.
Some how you knew
you were not a great pick
But to us there was no doubt
you were definitely it.

You loved on us and played all
around just as a puppy should be.
Everything was so perfect
we were once again a family.

To our regret you were dying inside
yet you never once complained.
You kept your strength as long
as you could to keep us
from the pain.

Although you were in our life
for just a short time.
Since you’ve passed we can’t get
you out of our mind.

We don’t know why we came
to love you so much.
Maybe it was your
little kisses or
maybe just your touch.

In those four days
we learned a lesson
And that was you were
truly a blessing.

You showed us that
we could love again
just in those four days.
And it wasn’t because
you knew how to behave.

Thank you Niki for all
the love you gave us.
Even while potty training
when we made such a fuss.

The joy that you gave us
will stay in our hearts.
This will help us
from falling apart.

Cricket will be there
to be your friend
We love you Niki and
thanks again!



21, March 2002