O by Astera

A sad day has come
For You to leave me
In my heart you will always be.
In my prayers and
thought you’ll be.

I feel sad
why must you leave me???
I feel so insecure without you.
I have to face it
sometimes I really hope
to see you or touch you.

I missed you alot.
I know that you will be
waiting for me
at the Rainbow bridge
With your friends.
You will be watching over me
I will too…..


“A Tribute to my dearest doggie”

Dear O and Readers

I suddenly understood why Cindy had to send you away. Let this word be a true word to everyone who are feeling sad. After hearing this word from me you might be feeling better….

A pet needs love-
I didn’t gave him enough.
A pet needs love-
I didn’t gave him enough.
A pet needs care-
I didn’t fulfill it.
A pet needs proper cleaning
I can’t do that cause I’m too weak.
As for feeding I don’t have
enough money to buy.

Do not:

Buy a pet because it’s cute.
It will need love!
Dear O

I know that you to me
could be a little thing
but me to you is everything.
I know…

Have you ever wondered..what will my life be…if…you’re gone…?? Tears in my eyes~ Prayers in my thoughts and mind Picture of you in my heart looking up in the sky,at the birds…

Wondering..where are you now? At the Rainbow Bridge? I would be sitting next to your grave crying out you were being sent away so I made this memorial. I regretted not giving you enough care I’ve learnt my mistakes….



27, Dec 2001