Nikita by Jessica and family / Jessica owner and mom
You were my best friend,

Nikita perfectly healthy, perfectly happy. Born: February 21, 2005. Died: Aug 1, 2005. 2 days before my 10th birthday. I’m now 10 and I finally am ready to say my turtle’s death. Nikita was lucky she survived the wilderness but not so lucky with destiny…

While I was at school I’ve been waiting for 3 months for this day it was Valentine’s day!. I went to the pet shop and the store clerk said “sorry sold out next month but I didn’t want too wait anymore!. February 21th we got a turtle and named her Nikita. I got a wonderful red eared slider. She always did kicks, stood by the mini trees in here aquarium and looked at me. She stretched her legs, arms and laid on her belly! Let’s skip a little. Last day of July I never knew the end was so close!!

She liked music alot. My last day with her I couldn’t say goodbye and now I want the world to know how I feel. My last day with Nikita I went to the beach when we came back we thought we’d rest and that we did. So my mom goes to feed my turtle everyone yells oh my god! I go I couldn’t stop crying, yelling. I still do. It’s sad but I gotta let go. I got a hamster March 1, 2006 and he’s fine. I love you and we’ll always love you your mom(owner) Jessica.

YOU WON’T BE FORGOTTEN! R.I.P BECAUSE WHEN YOU DIED IT RAINED THE CLOUDS WERE MAD BUT THEN THE CLOUDS OPENED I SAW YOUR TRACE IN THE SKIES! YOU ARE THE LIGHT YOU ARE WHAT YOU WERE AN ANGEL. IT DESTINY BUT DESTINY WAS MEAN WITH YOU. I curse the cat that ate you when we went to feed her it was too late we found your shell! We buried it. I’ll treasure in my heart forever. If I could go climb a ladder to heaven and get you back I would.

P.S. When you were born the light arrived and it rain but when you died it rained and the light came out when you were born you were in heaven; when you died you went too early to heaven so much thing that I can’t write. R.I.P. Bye forever. I love you!!=(


I love you. We won't forget you. I promise! R.I.P you're in a better place!
Jessica and family