Noa by Pat / mom

For the love of … little Noa

Flat as a pan cake, on the floor
Or peeking “hello” by the door
Determination to claim your place
Then side eyes so I’d scratch your face.

Poking my nose, waiting for love
A tail that swayed like a soft white dove
Then hide that face on the bed with me
A big fat belly for me to see.

Ballerina poses and pointed toes.
Leg up to pee, a boy in girls clothes
The sorriest bark, though I heard what ya said
Missing your face from under the bed.

Standing proud at the end of the hall
Or under my desk, just being a doll
Canned food meals for the few teeth you had
No Noa in sight, now, that makes me sad.

A leap for my face as I layed down
Bad breath that brought such a frown
Jose & Noa what a wonderful thought
“Thank you,” for all the smiles you brought.


Noa ... Noooa
11, Jan 2003