Oddball by Hannah Lynn Ware age 11 / Hannah age 11 US

It was a rainy day when I found Oddball. I was just playing and I heard a kitten cry. I looked around and under tarp there was three kittens with a mother cat. I saw Oddball; he was the Oddy one. That’s why I named him Oddball. It looked like he had white socks on. We had never had a cat with white feet and a white face the rest of him was black.
His brothers were all black.

The next day I had went shopping with mom. Then I saw a cat on the road dead. I told my mom that was the mother cat she said it wasn’t, but I told her my dad and I went to see if it was and sure enough it was. I took care of them and then I had my grandma come and help me. She was a vet. She took them to the vets and kept them there.

Each week she would tell me how they were. Of course I asked about Oddball first. Finally it was time for me to see my kitten again. Marybeth took them to my house and I couldn’t believe it. Here I was my kitten and me I just couldn’t say anything. The other two found a home too.

Well from that day on I played with my kitten. We played peak a boo. We played hide in seek. We played doctor. I loved my kitten. When he got older I still played with him. I asked God for my kitten to live forever with me. I loved my kitten with all my heart. I said with all my heart. I will always love you Oddball. Nothing, nothing will tear us a part. I told Oddball that and he (talked). I felt so happy I had him. I said every night I love you Oddball. I sang to him.

It was a day of bady. I was looking for my kitten. I cried and cried yelling for him. I found him there. He was lying there dead. I will never for get you Oddball. Remember I will always love with my life! Always.


With all my heart I will love you forever.
Hannah Lynn Ware age 11