Odie by Carol Ann Chwal / Mommy


You were the best dog in the world. From the day I picked you out at the breeder (or should I say you picked ME out!) you always looked at me like I was your whole world and daddy always said that same thing. After all the puppies were let out, you jumped on me twice and the breeder told me that of all the puppies I could pick out, you would love me best because you picked me.

We had 12 ½ wonderful years together. You greeted me at the door everyday when I came home from work, we took long walks together which you loved, we played ball in the house and you loved to chase Caesar up the attic stairs and let him chase you down the stairs. You let me cuddle you and always gave me and daddy lots of puppy kisses.

When Aunt Dot died and we took Shannon in, you made her feel welcome and played with her. She has been looking for you I know she misses you.

We had wonderful times until a year ago when the vet said your kidneys were not working right. We put you on that awful tasting dog food that I tried to make better with turkey mixed in just the way you liked it and you did well until June when you started to get sick again. I could see it in your eyes that you were not well and we tried our best to make you better, but you got very sick and took you to the vet’s office and when you could not even pick up your “blue dog” we knew it was time. The vet said your kidneys were not working at all and you were very very sick. We decided it was time to send you to the Rainbow Bridge and not keep you here just because we could not let you go. It was the hardest decision we ever had to make, but it was best for you.

I hope you are having fun at the Rainbow Bridge and have found Caesar. Mommy misses you very much. Rest in peace my beloved friend. There will never be
another doggie like you.


With love to my precious doggie,
16, June 2005
Carol Ann Chwal