Oliver by Diane McCamy / Diane

Oliver was not my personal dog; however, I considered him my “part-time” dog. He actually belonged to my partner, Mike’s, mom Millie. The family got Oliver from a shelter for company for Millie who is elderly and wheel-chair confined.

Oliver was a cute little white dog with a beige line running down his back. Oliver had the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen on a dog; they would melt your heart. Oliver was a loving, frisky, and friendly dog. Oliver was Millie’s protector, friend, and confidente.

I always looked forward to visiting the family as I would get to hug and pet Oliver and give him the treat I would always bring for him. I don’t know how old he was but Oliver past away in his sleep. Not the worse way to leave this earth I suppose and enter Rainbow Bridge.
My heart broke at the sad news of his passing as if he were my own dog. I recently visited the family for the first time and there was that certain something not the same; yet, I still felt his presence silently watching over Millie. Thank you Oliver for coming into our lives and giving unconditional love and joy to all. Hope all is well in Rainbow Bridge.


With Love,
Diane McCamy