Oliver by Jenny

Dear Oliver

I love and miss you so much.
I miss the patter of your paws
the rumble of your purr and your soft touch.

I prayed that while you slept
the Angels would take you away
But knowing you you said they would
have to come another day.

I knew that you would stay with me
No matter how much pain and suffering there would be.

It was my turn to be strong
Please don’t think I was wrong.

And so my dearest friend
I prayed dear God give me the strength to end
Ollie’s time on earth
Let me give him the chance to mend
So that he can once again dance with glee and mirth.

I know that our hearts and souls
are with each other forever.
And someday we will again be together.

I miss you so much my whiskered Angel.



5, May 2001